What is Workplace Wellbeing?  It is any program designed to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for your workplace.

Our goal is to nurture your employees toward optimal health and performance with a better approach to wellbeing in their workplace and in their life. We offer them Personal 1 to 1 Coaching alongside Team Activities. Our carefully designed programmes are custom built to your needs by our experienced Wellness Coaches. We develop a Wellness Schedule to suit your business with classes such as Yoga, Dance, Acroyoga and Mindfulness. Your dedicated  Wellness Coach is available by phone / video for your employees whenever they need them.

Having a dedicated workplace wellbeing team and putting a calendar of events together shows your employee that you take an active role in their good health and mental wellbeing. 

Our programmes are also available online which your employees can access at home. It’s a great opportunity to schedule a class for the whole team to do at the same time. It’s important to let your employees know your are still connected even when they are working from home.

We offer a tailored corporate wellness programme delivered by our experienced consultants:


Yoga increases flexibility, improves posture, reduces stress and calms the mind. Lunchtime yoga results in improved focus and greater productivity in the afternoon


Pilates strengthens the core muscles of the body improving posture, balance and coordination. Pilates assists in correcting muscle imbalance from sitting at a computer


Mindfulness can be taken individually or as a group. It reduces stress and anxiety and improves focus. We encourage the participants to practice mindfulness in the home to allow them switch off at night and encourage better sleeping patterns


Meditation promotes the importance of listening to co-workers and peers. Improved workplace wellbeing decreases the number of conflicts that arise in the workplace


Dancing has an immediate positive effect on your mood. Moving together in rhythm increases positivity in the work place and makes the team more cohesive. It breaks down barriers between different departments creating a better working environment .


Acroyoga is a form of partner yoga which brings together yoga and acrobatics. It is playful and builds trust between team members


Nutritional workshops advise and educate on good food choices. foods. Improved concentration and cognitive function boosts performance in the workplace


Running clubs at lunchtime or after work for both beginner and experienced runners. Friendly team events boosts morale and team spirit.


Cardio workouts and fitness challenge are a great start to improving overall health. Endorphins released during exercise give employees more self-confidence and energy, increased positivity and less stress.


Wellness retreats bring your team closer together. Strong bonds are created that will improve communication and teamwork. Getting outside of the workplace brings new energy to the team.

Personal Grooming

Workshops or 1 to 1 online coaching gives guidelines for good grooming and dress sense in the workplace. We coach employees on building confidence with business and social etiquette.

If you are considering incorporating a Workplace Wellbeing programme into your business we can get you on the right track. Get in touch to discuss how our Wellness Team can help your business.