Recruitment company helps Sri Lanka

Recruitment Company compelled to take action.

At the start of this pandemic Sapphire Recruitment offered free recruitment for the health care sector. Our Wellness Team offered free online yoga and mindfulness to help those who were suffering from stress or anxious about the future. We put all our energy and efforts where we thought we could make a difference and we believe we did. We just didn’t believe it was enough. We were compelled to do more.

We believe that running our Irish business comes with social responsibility, therefore we always try to give back, and not just in Ireland. Several of our candidates, especially for the hospitality sector, have been coming from the other Emerald Isle, Sri Lanka. When this pandemic started they migrated back home in order to assist their families. We felt a social responsibility to these candidates too so we looked into ways we could help them.

In Sri Lanka, a curfew was imposed, as the majority of people are daily wage earners this curfew meant people were unable to attend work. As there is little government help, a lot of people were slowly slipping into poverty. Families were facing a huge struggle. This was a crisis situation. We enlisted the help of our friend, Umesh. We felt that food parcels were the best way to try and help as many families as we possible could from afar. The food was distributed in the Tangalle District by Umesh and his family. Each food pack consisted of rice, lentils, onions, sugar, vegetables and potatoes. The people were so thankful and we are glad we were able to help.

Recruitment Company helps its Hotel workers
Recruitment Company helping Sri Lankan people

Life is about the kind hand we extend to those who are in need, it’s about the way we treat others, it’s about our Integrity

“I learned to give not because I have much but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing” Anonymous


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