Interview Tips

Worried about your Interview Techniques? If you want to secure your dream job Sapphire Recruitment are here to help. We will ensure you are taking the right steps to follow your chosen career path.

We will advise you on how to present your cv to ensure you land that interview. We will set up a mock interview so you can practice your techniques and be prepared for any awkward questions.

Top Tips:
⚬Do your research on the company.
⚬Show your interest in the position.
⚬Be ready for any concerns they may have about you.
⚬Anticipate their questions and be prepared.
⚬Have your questions for the interviewer ready.

During the Interview:.
⚬Be confident while answering your prepared answers
⚬Be clear and precise. Keep the interviewer interested in your responses.
⚬Be honest, if you don’t know the answer say so.
⚬Ask for clarification if you don’t understand a question.

For more tips on preparing your cv and getting ready for your interview contact us to arrange a meeting.

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