Including Hospitality Experience on your CV

Many people are reluctant to highlight some work experience on their CV. Whether it be a part time job that isn’t in line with their career goals, or they just aren’t sure how. We are sharing some tips on how to write a CV that highlights your hospitality experience and articulates your skills and qualifications in a way that will get you noticed by employers in other industries. 

Emphasize your training and transferable skills 

No matter if you greeted guests, waited tables, tended the bar or were the head chef, your experience working in the food and beverage industry equipped you with talents you can take with you to other types of jobs, commonly called transferable skills. 

Employers in other industries want workers with the skills you have, which can be broken down into hard skills, technical skills and soft skills. Hard and technical skills are hands-on, often industry-specific abilities, while soft skills represent the interpersonal know-how you need to navigate the social sides of your job. 

Below are lists of hard, technical and soft skills that are likely picked up from a career in food and beverage services. If you possess any of these, consider including them on your next CV: 

Hard and technical skills: Hard skills include managing workers, scheduling employees, creating recipes, managing inventory. Technical skills include experience using point-of-sale (POS) software experience, strong math skills. While the area or industry may change, the skills and how you utilize them will not. Don’t hesitate to let potential employers know about these skills and how they’ve helped in your previous roles, or how they will help you in the future. 

Soft skills: Teamwork, customer service, attention to detail, flexibility, resolving conflict, empathy. Regardless of area of work, these are vital skills to have. Working in hospitality means you’ve honed these skills and these will be of great benefit to you in all future roles. Highlight these on your CV, they will stand to you.  

If you’re changing careers or industries, include a brief bio to open your CV. Let anyone reading it know that you are eager and passionate about committing yourself to something new. State why you want to change industries or career.  

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