Health and Wellbeing

As news about COVID-19 continues to dominate the headlines public concern continues to rise. Workplace Wellbeing has never been as important as it is now. Taking care of your staff and their mental health is as important as looking after their physical health. Good mental health and positive wellbeing can help cope with the COVID-19 threat and the uncertainty it’s creating.

“People always remember how you make them feel.” 

Employees will look back on the pandemic and remember how you made them feel when they were struggling with the uncertainty of everything . As an employer what can you do to help them ?

Be positive
Stay connected
Be Supportive
Be Flexible
Prioritise Wellbeing
Be appreciative
Encourage learning 
Respect personal time

It’s important to implement ways to help employees keep a sense of control in order to ease anxiety. Receiving support and care from others can bring a sense of comfort and stability. Your staff may also be concerned about what to do if they are put under quarantine. Although the idea of self-isolation may seem daunting, remind them that this is only temporary and that there are still many ways to connect with their coworkers.

Self-care is very important and includes focusing on things you can control  instead of those you cannot. Where possible, encourage staff to try and maintain their daily routine and normal activities. Encouraging them to take part in actives and eating healthy can be part of your Wellness Programme. Consider creating a daily programme that prioritises wellbeing and positive mental health. Activities, like yoga, cooking, meditating, dancing etc., can help them to relax and will have a positive impact on their thoughts and feelings. The result will be improved health for them and the company.



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