FREE Recruitment for the Healthcare Sector

We’ve been trying to think of a way we can help in the current crisis. We’re not doctors or nurses so what do we have to offer ? Our Time.

We want to offer our Recruitment Services for free to the Healthcare Sector. If it eases the burden for Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. we’re happy to help. Our business has come to a standstill so we would like to put our talents to good use.

Let us trawl through the cv’s for you, carry out phone interviews and send you candidates who are suitable for the roles.

How can you help?

➡️If you’re qualified to work in the Healthcare Sector get in touch.
➡️If you work in a healthcare unit please let your employer know we want to help.
➡️Please share this post so we can help as many centres as possible.

📞 085-2525553
📞 085-7072977




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