Employers Need To Prioritise Workplace Culture

Sapphire Recruitment are focused on helping employers solve their recruitment problems. How do you attract staff and how do you keep them? In a recent article in the Irish Times, employers staffing problems were cited as the biggest obstacle to expansion, the challenge is finding out what makes the difference when it comes to getting people to say “yes”. In the current climate employees are seeking more than a good salary.

In July a study was published about what drives employee satisfaction. The three factors that rose to the top in all geographies were:

– the culture and values of the organisation; – the quality of senior leadership, and; – access to career opportunities.

The factors that were the least important predictors of employee satisfaction were, in descending order: work-life balance; compensation and benefits; and the business outlook of the organisation.

The data from millions of employee reviews from around the world show that culture and values of organisations, the quality of senior leadership teams and career opportunities matter far more than pay or work-life balance for the long-term satisfaction of employees.

Employers looking to improve workplace culture should place the highest priority on these three aspects of work.

Values and leadership are definitely right up there, but work-life balance ranks a lot higher in Ireland than other countries.

Companies lose staff for many different reasons, including toxic cultures, personality clashes, because they’ve reached a career dead end or because they’ve put in a big effort and it hasn’t been recognised. They will also leave if they don’t feel comfortable with the organisation’s values and, in the current climate, this may mean something like not being committed to diversity and inclusion.

They are likely to leave if they feel the organisation is not willing to invest in them through training and career development opportunities while feedback, or the lack of it, is a key issue for the millennial cohort, who typically prefer short cycle appraisal to annual performance reviews.

Working for companies that demonstrate a commitment to mental and physical wellness has become increasingly important to employees.

Source: https://irishtimes.com/business


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