How to Create a CV That Will Capture an Employer’s Attention 

We all know that searching for a new job can be a long, arduous and tedious process. The job market is often quite competitive, and you need to do whatever you can to make your CV stand out from all the other applicants. If you can stand out, you have more of a chance of being noticed, remembered and asked for an interview. So, what are some ways you can make your CV stand out? 

1) Update your CV before starting to apply for jobs, and then customise it for each role. This is especially important for those applying for roles outside the food and beverage industry. 

Study the job ad and take note of the critical skills and qualifications listed there. Then, update your resume to highlight those skills that you possess. This is where transferable skills become important. You want to be able to show that while you may not have direct experience working in retail, for example, that you have the skills required to perform the work, including the customer service, point-of-sale and multitasking skills you cultivated in your food and beverage role. 

2) Highlight other skills, that may not relate, but to show you your growth in your area. And if you’ve earned any additional qualifications, mention those! That shows that you are eager to are to learn and upskill. This shows not only your willingness, but your capacity to continue to learn, grow and to further your career. 

3) Highlight results, as opposed to responsibilities.  

Showing that you can succeed, follow through or work around setbacks speaks much more about your experience, or your outlook than simply listing what you were responsible for. Showcase your results, your hard work and what the outcome was. This allows you to highlight accomplishments, as well as showcase your skills. 

4) Find what makes you unique, and open with that. 

What is unique to you, that you can bring to this company or role? Is it your insight, your drive, your passion? Is it your past experience in different sectors? Your adaptability, your transferable skills? Whatever it is that makes you different, open with that and let that speak. Sell yourself to these employers by making them see what an asset you will be to them. 

Sometimes, you may need to include a cover letter, too. When applying for positions make sure your cover letter is concise and focused. Only a few brief paragraphs should be necessary to communicate why you’re uniquely qualified for the job. Be sure to highlight an impressive professional achievement to pack a punch. 

Best of luck to those of you applying for jobs! And if you need any assistance, don’t hesitate in reaching out to Sapphire Recruitment. We can offer expert advice on updating your CV to get the best succes